2020 Jeep Wrangler in yellow and blue in the desert

Jeep 4X4 Trail Riding Guided Tours and Schools near San Bernardino, CA

Guided Tours and Jeep 4X4 School Available at Redlands CDJR

Have you ever wanted to try out a trail with your Jeep 4X4, or have thoughts about purchasing a new model with us in the Redlands, CA area? If so, we at Redlands CDJR have the perfect opportunity for you! We are currently providing a Jeep Trail Riding experience for free! Continue reading to find out more about this amazing opportunity!

What’s Included in the Guided Tour?

For the time you head out, you’ll be given some introductory tips and tricks before we start. The guided tour will include 3-4 hours of enjoyment. Meanwhile, one of the best guides in the area will lead you. There will be plenty of time to ask for additional help during breaks, regular discussions, and lunch – provided by us at Redlands CDJR!

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Where Do We Drive?

From our location in the Redlands area, we’ll take you about 20 minutes to 1N09 to try out some introductory trails on City Creek Road. Technically, it will start at Forest Road 1N09 off Highway 330 and we’ll head to either Big Bear or to Highway 38. The total time to travel will be around 3-4 hours off-road, where basic instructions will be provided at the beginning and during the few rest breaks we take along the way. In total, you’ll be able to drive between 30-35 miles in the dirt depending on the route you decide to take.

Add Your Name to the Jeep 4X4 Trail Riding Guided Tour and School at Redlands CDJR

Currently, the date and time has yet to be to be determined. However, we plan to advertise this Jeep 4X4 Trail Riding experience and training session until all spots are full. Feel free to visit our page to book the event for you. You can send us a message with any questions, or to give us a call regarding the trip! The event is held for free, as we at Redlands CDJR want to spread and share the excitement of a Jeep 4X4 and its capabilities, as well as the great pastime of trail riding!

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