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At Redlands CDJR, we’ve made car buying a whole lot easier with Express Purchase. You’re in control ― find tools to save you hours on vehicle selection as well as your purchasing and leasing plans. Explore options, get an idea of what your monthly payments might be, or what your trade-in vehicle is worth, and check on current incentives for more savings.

Search our new inventory to find the model and trim you’re interested in, and call us at (909) 346-3952 or contact us online if you’d like to schedule a test drive. 

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Express Purchase Walk-Through

Follow this step-by-step guidance to successfully secure your next vehicle. Use the "Continue" button to advance to the next step or the "Go Back" button to return to the previous step.

Express Purchase Walkthrough - Inventory Listing

1. Choose your option.

How will you be acquiring your vehicle? Choose between finance, lease, or cash purchase. Click on the applicable button in the upper right portion of the page.

Express Purchase Walkthrough - Option Tabs

2. Enter the option details.

Follow the steps that correspond with the option you've chosen.


Enter down payment, credit score, term length.

Express Purchase Walkthrough - Finance


Enter credit, miles per year, lease length. Initial down payment will be included but that may change based on trade-in and rebates.

Express Purchase Walkthrough - Lease


No initial information is required, you will start on #3.

3. Add vehicle trade-in value

If you are trading in a vehicle, use the built-in trade-in tool to get your vehicle’s KBB value. (recommended)

If  you already know your trade-in vehicle’s value, add it in manually.*
*This number will adjust your total price/payments

Express Purchase Walkthrough - Trade In Value

4. Discover dealership savings.

You will automatically see available dealer discounts, manufacturer’s rebates, and eligible incentives. Choose what you’d like to take advantage of or what best applies to you.


Express Purchase Walkthrough - Price Adjustments & Savings

5. View all applicable fees and taxes.

This includes applicable state tax.

Express Purchase Walkthrough - Fees & Taxes

6. Choose available protections for your vehicle.

Click the circle button next to each protection option you choose.

Express Purchase Walkthrough - Protections

7. View your new payment amount or total adjusted vehicle price.

8. Save your deal to make your dealership experience faster.

Click Save This Deal

Input desired location to receive the information.

Express Purchase Walkthrough - Save

Value My Trade

Do you have a vehicle you’d like to trade in and apply to your new car purchase? Redlands CDJR buys pre-owned and used cars, trucks, and SUVs of all makes and models. Calculate your trade-in value with our online tool.

Help Me Calculate My Vehicle’s Value

We make it easy for you with our online trade-in value calculator. Simply fill in the information about your vehicle ― such as make, model, and current condition ― and the calculator will do the rest! You can also use the Edmunds True Market Value® online appraisal tool to learn your vehicle’s value in less than a minute!

I Know the Exact Value of My Vehicle

If you’d like Redlands CDJR to purchase your existing vehicle so you can apply it to your next vehicle purchase, give us a call at (909) 346-3952 or reach out to us online and let’s take the next steps.

Apply for Financing

Ready to finance or lease a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram from Redlands CDJR? You can pre-qualify for credit online to begin the process.

Save Time at the Dealership

We understand that shopping preferences are evolving and consumers want options. You’ll find online access to our inventory, financing tools, and team members to help you save time and take control of the purchasing and leasing process. Simply input your information on our secure tools and site, and we’ll get in touch with you about securing your next vehicle from Redlands CDJR.