Jeep 4x4 Trail Riding Guided Tour

Redlands CDJR invites you to a Jeep Trail Riding experience for free! Join us as we travel off-road with the best guide available. We will make sure to answer any questions you might have about what your 4x4 can do and we will make your 4x4 come alive!

This is available for any of our customers that would like to experience their 4x4 to the fullest. We will run as soon as we are full. We will head out from our dealership to our destination together.



What's Included:

  •  3-4 hour guided tour
  •  Lead vehicle guide
  •  Lunch

Location & Trail:

City Creek Road (Forest Road 1N09 from Highway 330 to either Big Bear or to Highway 38

Route Details:

It's a 20 minute drive from the dealership to 1N09. The route is easy dirt roads from CA 330 to near Angelus Oaks, about 30 miles on dirt, then asphalt to CA 38.

Alternate is to take Radford Truck Trail (2N06) up to Big Bear. The road comes out by the Bear Mt. Ski Area. This route is about 35 miles in the dirt. Big Bear back to the dealership is about 1 hour, Angelus Oaks to Redlands is about 30 minutes.


Off road travel time is about 3-4 hours. We will provide some basic instructions at the beginning of the trip and at a couple of rest breaks along the way.

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